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What is web-scattering?

As designers in 21st century, web presence has became an absolute necessity for all of us. But this has came with the menace of web-scattering where our work is distributed on various platforms. Projects here, blogs there, publications somewhere else. However, at UNI you can keep all your work at one place. No more dealing with a bunch of links to showcase your work.

Why UNI portfolio?

UNI platform is designed with designers in mind

At UNI, the entire platform is crafted keeping architects and designers in mind. We understand the requirements and the entire experience is curated for the same.

Break the mask

Complete portfolio

We encourage our curators to identify real life issues which can be solved through design intervention

Heart first approach towards users

Ad-free experience

UNI portfolio is completely free and Ad-free! Users of UNI portfolio gets best of both worlds.


Make your own place

UNI allows you to have your own space where only your work is visible to reader. It’s as good as having your own website

More options to choose from

Showcase your projects

A good brief takes 20-30 hrs on an average spread over 3 weeks. However there’s no time limit and you can work at your own pace. We recommend spending a fair share of time doing background research to have strong narrative.

Write down your experiences

We assist in all way along the  curation process. From helping you getting started to shaping  your ideas to reaching the end goal of launching, we’ve got your back. Whether it is regarding

– Finding suitable site for the problem. 
– Creating additional resources.
– Spreading the word

we are there to help you out.

More options to choose from
More options to choose from

Share your publication

We offer 6% of the registration fee/sponsorship amount to our curators at the end of every quarter as remuneration. In the past curators have earned up to 750 USD as a curator of a single challenge and an average of ~400 USD.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, absolutely and completely free. You can upload any number of projects, journals and publications you like without any charges

Yes, as long as you have the required rights related to sharing and publishing of projects, you can share it on UNI

Yes you can. Anything uploaded on UNI by you stays your property and you have all rights to share your work on other platform. However in some cases like competition, we advice you not to share your work outside UNI before the results are announced.

No, currently we do not allow custom domain names for UNI portfolio.

You can find all of our platform policies including our terms of usage, platform guidelines, privacy policy here.

Just create a profile on UNI and start uploading your work. It’s that simple

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