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frame the next big design problem

What do we mean by a juror?

A Lead Curator at Uni frames a design challenge opportunity that is not only relevant but resourceful as a learning exercise for its participants. It enables the curator to fuse a purposeful problem with his/her/their expertise into a time-bound event for students and young professionals globally.

Why to become a juror?

We believe designers can do magic if introduced to the right problems

As a curator at UNI, you empower other designers and the entire creative community to come up with solutions to some of the most challenging problems in the world identified by you. We invite you to bring out these purpose-driven design problems which can bring a colossal change to how we designers work in general and bring change for the betterment of the society.

Break the mask

Examine the solutions

We encourage our curators to identify real life issues which can be solved through design intervention

Heart first approach towards users

Provide constructive feedback

Explain the problem in detail and provide all the necessary information needed for someone to work on that issue.


Help us identify best solutions

Launch the brief on UNI and help us spread the word in your groups and communities.

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Timeline for jury

A good brief takes 20-30 hrs on an average spread over 3 weeks. However there’s no time limit and you can work at your own pace. We recommend spending a fair share of time doing background research to have strong narrative.

Assistance for Curation

We assist in all way along the  curation process. From helping you getting started to shaping  your ideas to reaching the end goal of launching, we’ve got your back. Whether it is regarding

– Finding suitable site for the problem. 
– Creating additional resources.
– Spreading the word

we are there to help you out.

More options to choose from
More options to choose from

A token of honor

Jurors have always been at the pristine spot in design education. Practically nothing can be above than a badge of juror in a competition. Thus, to mark the position and extend our appreciation, we send a momento of honor to our esteemed jury members.


Most frequent questions and answers

We expect our curators to be proficient in their field of expertise. For that, we look for 4-5 years of working experience in that field. However that isn’t a fixed number and we make exceptions on case to case basis depending on your qualification level and command over subject.

On an average, our jurors spend up to 7-8 hours spread over a period of 4 weeks. This roughly estimates to 15mins. per day. You are free to find a suitable timeslot as per your convenience and can complete the evaluation in multiple sittings.

No, our entire evaluation process is completely online and would not require any sort of paperwork. You aren’t require to print any scoresheet or entries either

Although we do not have a remuneration for the jury process, we do believe there are a few things which cannot be paid with money. The basic idea for not providing remuneration is that we are looking for individuals who are not attarcted by money to become juror

Curators receive 6-10% of the total earnings in a competition through registration fees depending upon the level of engagement. In past, curators have received as much as $2000+ for a single competition. The average earning is around $400.

The competition will be shared with our media partners like ArchDaily, Bustler, etc. curators information is shared among all the architecture media partners.

Yes, the Curator can judge the entries but to keep the evaluations fair and square, we prohibit adding friends of Curators as Jury members in the competition.

We host webinars on Zoom or Instagram. A recorded version is made available for everyone on our platform through YouTube. The webinar is generally scheduled after 1 month of the launch of the competition.

Yes we do! you can reach out to us at any stage of the process and someone from team will be there for you 🙂

Just let us know a bit about yourself and your topic of interest by filling this form. Someone from the team will reach out to you within 2 business days.

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