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Designers on UNI are keen to solve the most radical design problems in the world ranging from future of transportation to preserving thousand year old monuments. They are designing the brand strategy for corporates and are also solving the congestion in cities.

Why Host on UNI

At UNI we have a pool of award winning designers and a rich and diverse community of creative people. Projects on UNI invites everyone people, client, jurors to give feedback, discuss and build upon the ideas openly. We have maintained a wide reach to our audience.
Break the mask

Challenge hungry community

The designers on UNI are always looking for challenging problems whether that is related to architecture, urban design or even branding,

Heart first approach towards users

Great design solutions

UNI is proud to host original and unique entries in each competition. The design solutions we receive often include original innovation and out of the box ideas


Seamless platform

We have custom created the entire hosting experience to be as seamless as possible. Give it a try and you’ll realize that for yourself.

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$ 99
One time payment
  • 1 active challenge
  • Dedicated web presence
  • Juror's evaluation portal
  • Active for 2 months


$ 149
One time payment
  • 2 active challenges
  • Dedicated web presence
  • Juror's evaluation portal
  • Active for 3 months
  • Competitions featured on UNI


$ 249
One time payment
  • 5 active competitions
  • Dedicated web presence
  • Juror's evaluation portal
  • Active for 4 months
  • Competition featured on UNI


Most frequent questions and answers

In hosting, UNI provides you complete setup for running a competition which includes evaluation portal, submission portal and payment portal. However in listing, organizer is required to arrange for all these things on their own. Their competition is simply listed in our catalogue.

Dynamic fees (or fees based on registration) is a participation fees model where the registration price changes based on number of registrations in the competitions. More the participants, more the fees and more are the prizes.

In dynamic fees model, the registration fees is dispersed to organizer at the end of competition after award money is transferred to winning entries. In static fees model, the registration fees is dispersed fortnightly.

In static fees model, we ask organizers to submit the prize money before starting the competition to safeguard the rights of participants. However, in dynamic fees model, the award money is directly deducted from registration fees.

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow organizers to cancel an ongoing competition to safeguard the rights of participants.

No, we do not have a free plan for hosting but you can list competitions on our platform for free. To know more, click here.

Yes, the organizer can appoint the juror in a competition. We recommend to have atleast 3 members in the jury members. If needed, UNI can assist in finding jurors who are expert in the given domain.

The name and logo of the hosting organization will be displayed on competition card, cover, banners and all promotional material related to competition.

Yes we do! you can reach out to us at any stage of the process and someone from team will be there for you 🙂

Just fill this form here and  someone from the team will reach out to you within 2 business days.

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