Institutional access for design students

Enabling knowledge exchange for universities over a global platform.

What is Institutional Access

Institutional access is first of its kind platform enabling institutions to have a knowledge exchange for their students where they work on an international design problem listed/hosted on UNI in a synchronous time-frame. This enables participants to draw the international design scene to enter their studios and scale their studio's ideas-philosophy to the global level.

How Institutional Access works

The fundamentals of IA


Registration process for Institutional Access is similar to individual/ team registration. Registration could be done either by student or mentor on behalf of entire class. You will receive a confirmation upon registration.

Verify your identity

We will get in touch with you within 72 hours to complete the verification process with your institution. We’ll ask you for list of students participating and a letter from institution. 

Make your teams or play individual

Like working solo? You Can!

The combinations to participate can range from all students working solo (Eg: 1 participant per entry  = 20 Submissions) to all students in maximum size of team permitted in competition (Eg. 4 participants per entry = 5 submissions), or any custom structure of teams, solo duo, trio – only condition is 20 registered students are allowed to participate per Institution Access pass. An institute can buy multiple passes to fit their entire classroom.

Add entries for the competition

You can add a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 entries for the competition. All the entries will be supervised by 1 faculty member (this information cannot be changed later)

Submit your entries using UNI’s submission portal before the submission deadline as specified in the brief

Meet your partner institution

Soon after the submission deadline is over we will announce your partner institution so that you can discuss upon the ideas and exchange resources. Faculty will explore the entry of the partner institutions and students can start discussing their project with partner institution students. Incase there’s only one IA registration, there are no partner institutes.

Result declaration and Awards

Once the competition period is over, we declare the result openly with one winner for every institutional access and an international winner of the competition.

Why get Institutional Access

Challenging problems are fun to solve together. We understand how tough things can be when managing both academic courses and working on challenging design problems together. "Why not bring both together?"

World class challenging problems

Every semester we work on multiple design problems. Most of these problems stay in the limited classroom environment where the best is determined by the knowledge pool of the institution. Here is your chance to pick the kind of design problem you want for your academic portfolio or for your students. Choose a brief with resources that are challenging not just by their nature, but with people who compete in.

Gain international industry experience

As the gaps between our society and borders reduce, the design is no more a local profession with set clients. Problems like these propel your work from local to global recognition.

Make your institution go world class

We match your institute with another institute internationally, so that you can exchange your ideas, knowledge, and skills to develop yourself and solve some of the most challenging problems across the globe.

How to get Institutional Access

Simply click on register button of competition in which you'd like to register and select Institutional Access category.